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5 Stars

Doctor Tristan Berry is the quintessential medical doctor and surgeon!

I have profound respect and admiration for him.

I shall elucidate by providing the following substantiating facts.

My acquaintance with Dr Berry began nearly two years ago when I sought his expertise regarding an uncharacteristically-high PSA value and the incidental discovery of suspicious bone lesions.

Since my primary care provider at the Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System (SAVAHCS) was in transition, absent was a strategic plan to further evaluate these findings in the most expeditious manner. Therefore, my wife and I decided to seek the assistance of a urologist outside the SAVAHCS. Our research led us to Dr Berry.

After having consulted with him in clinic, I elected to receive two prostate biopsies, both of which were performed by Dr Berry. Rather than to have relied upon only one pathologist's interpretative analysis of my biopsies, Dr Berry sought the expertise of the Department of Pathology's preeminent staff at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

In light of the concurrent discoveries of a sudden increase of my PSA value and a diagnostic scan which was initially interpreted as "possible metastatic bone lesions," Dr Berry also provided me with "stat" referrals to other specialists.

Dr Berry is the only medical doctor to have taken the initiative to order the appropriate diagnostic evaluations and refer me to specialists who, ultimately, in collaboration with him, ascertained, without any ambiguity, that the lesions were a benign anomaly.

Thanks to Dr Berry's extraordinary leadership, insights and initiative, I did not require painful treatments or surgeries. I shall always be exceedingly grateful for Dr Berry's noble and persistent efforts on my behalf.

An enduring lesson learned while on active duty was to assess the ability of a fellow airman, sailor, Marine or soldier to persist under conditions of duress or combat. As a commanding officer and Gulf War combat aviator, the lives of my those under my command depended on my ability to judge a person's character and, ultimately, that person's ability to function under the most stressful conditions. As a corollary, I apply this principle of discernment to those whom I entrust with the well-being and, ultimately, the lives of those for whom I care.

Several months ago, upon having learned that my mother would require a nephrectomy, and that the surgeon assigned to perform my mother's surgery did not meet my "combat" standards, I sought the assistance of Doctor Tristan Berry, the only person to whom I could entrust my only living parent. My mother had cancer and precious time had been carelessly expended by individuals who misinterpreted her diagnostic scans and failed to comprehend the urgency of her situation. This was a "combat" situation and Dr Berry was unequivocally the only person I could trust.

After having visited with my mother in clinic and following an exhaustive review of her diagnostic reports, Dr Berry unhesitatingly agreed to treat my mother. With the assistance of his Family Nurse Practitioner Nora Sanchez and their exceptional staff, Dr Berry worked to effectuate the expeditious scheduling of my mother's surgery.

On the morning of her surgery, Dr Berry met with all of my family members in order to answer any questions and provided assurances that my mother would emerge healthier. Approximately midway through her surgery, Dr Berry dispatched one of his assistants to provide my family with a "progress report."

Several hours later, at the conclusion of my mother's surgery, Dr Berry appeared with the long-awaited good news. The affected kidney, along with all vestiges of cancer, had successfully been removed. My mother would be fine. Dr Berry had performed masterfully in the operating room.

Dr Berry's skills are the result of many years of disciplined study and a superior intellect. It takes many years of dedicated study to become a medical doctor and a surgeon. Only those with the "right stuff," indeed, the "best of the best" achieve the much-deserved title of medical doctor and surgeon.

I am both awed and humbled by this TITAN of a man. My accomplishments appear as feeble in comparison to Dr Berry's mastery of his profession, his skillful hands and compassionate care.

Thank you, Dr Berry, for having chosen your honorable profession, for having made the many sacrifices necessary to become a highly-skilled surgeon and for having saved my mother's life.

I shall always be profoundly grateful to you and hold you in high esteem.

You are richly deserving of every accolade I can bestow upon you!

Indeed, you are truly my combat hero!

5 Stars

Had a great experience - one day in and out. But I forgot to ask the important questions about catheter protocol. Here's what I learned: in order to sit on the toilet to have a bowel movement I would need to disconnect my catheter from the anchor taped to my left thigh. Otherwise the catheter pulled on my penis and it hurt!
I also had pain where I didn't expect it: in the perinea area (between the scrotum and the anus). It hurt to sit down. Perhaps caused by the catheter? I am not sure but will find out when I see Dr. Berry.
Finally towards the end of my week on the catheter, I experienced cramping in my bladder. It wasn't up to a level 10; but it was uncomfortable. I understand there are some drugs to help with that. I didn't need them thankfully.
I learned that my catheter and I were joined at the most sensitive part of my body - tip of my penis. We became acquainted with each other as I learned that post op bleeding required washing of the tube so my pubic hair didn't become stuck to the tube - causing discomfort.
Well this hasn't been table conversation but that is what this website is for. Thanks Dr. Berry for providing this forum. You did a great job and you have a great sense of humor (it was dark in my room, you were dressed in all black - you looked very dapper- and you told me I would not see you).

5 Stars

"Patient Centered" is exactly right. I rate Dr. Berry so highly because it was very clear to me that his attitude, when appropriate, is time is of the essence. Further, his communication skills are outstanding and lastly, I don't care what you ask him, he never gets defensive. As for my surgical experience, I took maybe one pain pill after release from the hospital. I was back to 80% of normal activity 8 days after the surgery and 95%, 3 weeks later. Normal activity for me is doing all the cooking and cleaning and for fun, motorcycling on primitive back roads in the mountains along the Mexican border.

5 Stars

Excellent care! Dr. Berry exudes confidence and competancy. He welcomes questions and freely explains all aspects of the procedure. His interest and care for the patient are evident from the first consultation. My surgery and recovery have gone just as he outlined. Very pleased!
5 Stars

I saw Dr. Berry after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Mexico. Dr .Berry and the surgery were excellent. I had good care in the hospital. The recovery was slow but no complications and excellent over all. I would highly recommend Dr. Berry. "He da Man"
4 Stars

I would recommend Dr Berry to my family and friends if they needed surgery.
5 Stars

I was diagnosed with the earliest stage prostate cancer. The preparation and experience was excellent given the circumstances. Great surgical team. Recovery was faster than expected, probably due to my fitness level. Never any pain experienced. The benefits of da Vinci are all that it says it will be. I was lucky due to good fitness and catching the cancer very early. Regardless Dr Berry's skill made a frightening situation better. I highly recommend his experience and approach.
5 Stars

I went to see Dr. Berry as a recommendation from my primary doctor after a high PSA and enlarged prostate. Dr. Berry was extremely informative on what to expect and the surgery went well with little pain. The catheter was the only uncomfortable part of the recovery period now everything is good. I would advise other patients to ask all the questions that you have. Research the surgery and read all the material the doctor gives you and ask for all the options. Dr. Berry is an excellent surgeon and will answer everything you are concerned with.
5 Stars

In 2015 I had a biopsy done which indicated the presence of cancer. I consulted with Dr. Berry in June of 2015 and had surgery in July. The surgery was performed right on time including pre-op vitals, anesthesia administration, etc. After the surgery the care given was very encouraging as Dr. Berry explained that some marginal tissue and lymph nodes were taken and that I am now cancer free! I have full confidence in Dr. Berry. He has an impressive command of the details of the procedure and the ability to explain it in layman terms. He shares his optimism re: a full return to active living. He communicates a sense of being very patient oriented and committed to his chosen field
5 Stars

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer early in 2015. I had a Gleason score of 7 that was found after a biopsy. I had no physical symptoms. An elevated PSA was found during a routine physical.

The daVinci procedure was less invasive than the retropubic procedure. The healing after the surgery was quicker. I had small incisions in my abdomen that did not require stitches. I was up and walking within a few hours after surgery. The recovery is going exactly as Dr. Berry said.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Berry. He is a wonderful doctor. He was very up front and open. He answers questions honestly. He prepared me for what to expect and he was absolutely correct.
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